Metal heat treatment services

We are using certificated ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

Metal heat treatment services in our premises and customer locations worldwide

Our diverse service portfolio ensures that we can implement and fulfill customer requirements with high quality and cost-effective either in our own premises at Liminka or in customers locations worldwide.

Our Service covers all from small pipe weld heat treatment to several tons weight steel object heat treatments. We can say that there are not so small or big object, that you cannot find solution from us. You can read up on the mobile heat treatment section for more options.

We are using certificated ISO 9001:2015 quality system. This guarantees that, we will fulfill customer’s requirements against internal and external standards like EN ISO 17663.

Customer always receives documentation of the heat treatment which is internationally approved and fulfilling our quality management system. Customer receives the documentation immediately at site when heat treatment work is completed. The documentation will be given in both electrical and paper version.

In-Situ crankshafts heat treatment service

For the past 14 years we have successfully heat treated hundreds of crankshafts, saving our customers millions of dollars in unnecessary crankshaft repairs and purchases as well as saving countless working hours.

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Mobile heat treatment service

We have a modern heat treatment and transportation equipment which ensures fast arrival to customer locations through the entire Scandinavian region. Our company has 24-hour emergency service, which ensures that we are always available to our clients in their urgent needs.

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Heat treatment services in our office

In our premises we have two fixed, different sizes of metal heat treatment furnaces. Addition to fixed furnaces we are able to build temporary furnace to meet customer requirements.

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Sales, rental and maintenance services

We import and sell equipment and accessories used in heat treatment. In addition, we manufacture in our own production heat treatment heaters and cables according to customer specifications.

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