In-Situ Crankshaft Annealing

Heat treatment equipment is ready for delivery within 24 hours from order.

Over a decade ago, Wärtsilä and Finn heat refined the process of crankshaft annealing. Its was in Trieste, Italy and Vasa, Finland between 1997 and 1999 that the first successful crankshaft annealings took place. Afterwards, Finn Heat has annealed hundreds of crankshafts all over the world, saving our customers millions of dollars in unnecessary crankshaft repairs and purchases as well as saving countless working hours.

As a market leader in mobile heat treatment in Scandinavia as well as the first specialist in crankshaft annealing, we can offer you highly quality service worldwide in any problem related to annealing or heat treatment.

Over the years, we have worked with the majority of the companies in the field of marine and power station industries and helped them with their problems concerning crankshaft annealing and other heat treatment work. For example we have worked with most of the grinding companies in the world in the early 2000s century by doing them the annealing work in hundreds of cases. The annealing work and the procedure that we have been establishing has been attempted to be copied by numerous companies nowadays, however not all are doing it correctly.

We take pride in our thorough knowledge of metallurgy, motivated and highly skilled personnel, not forgetting our safety measures. Our process has been developed and improved over the years to be repeatable and carefully controlled. We have annealed hundreds of crankshafts and repeatedly verified that their hardness has successfully been decreased. We are also independent company and we are not attached to any other companies and we can offer you objective documentation.

We can react at short notice to our customers’ needs as we are on available 24/7 and the tools can be ready for delivery in 24h. Our highly skilled personnel can be on site in 1-3days Europe or in 2-3 days the rest of the world or even faster. The flight connection possibilities from Finland and from Helsinki are one of the best in hole world and Helsinki airport has been selected more than ones for best airport in Europe and even in the hole world.

If you want to have the top result for annealing and heat treatment work to your crankshaft from the top of the development and from the establishing company, contact us.

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