Mobile heat treatment service

In the customer's locations.

We have modern heat treatment and transportation equipment which ensures fast arrival to customer locations through the entire Scandinavian region. Our company has 24-hour emergency service, which ensures that we are always available to our clients in their urgent needs. Our highly motivated and well-trained personnel available from the early design phase, through the implementation until the project finalizing and project documentation phase.

Customer always receives documentation of the heat treatment which is internationally approved and fulfilling our quality management system. Customer receives the documentation immediately at site when heat treatment work is completed. The documentation will be given in both electrical and paper version.

Our customers consist of following companies operating in the following clusters; Refineries, Process Industry, Energy Industry, Paper industry, Power plants, Marine industry, mechanical and metal engineering, as well as the companies operating in pipe industry.

Heat Treatment Services

The most common heat treatment services that we provide consist of the following:

  • Pre-heating (work temperature during welding)
  • Post weld heat treatment
  • Normalization
  • Stabilization
  • Heat treatments carried out in temporary furnaces.
  • Refractory masses for curing / curing, the reinforced plastics

Heat treatment equipment are designed to meet customers’ diverse needs in various heat treatment. The mobile equipment allows heat treatment services at the customer sites.

Most commonly used energy is electricity, in addition we have heat treatment equipment operated by liquid gas, which is used in temporary furnaces in cases where objects are too big/heavy.

Our company offers a complete solution to the customer for pre-heating services, and customer will not have to worry about operating the equipment or controlling the temperatures during welding.

One of our expertise area is also heat treatment for Refractory masses for curing / curing the reinforced plastics.

One part is the area in which we shall reinforced plastics curing Is that the drying of refractory masses, which apparatus also is very suitable.

Gas heating systems

In temporary furnaces gas burner technology equipment can also be used for heat treatment.

Gas energy is most commonly used in applications where heat treatable pieces are big sized, or if the weight is tens or hundreds of tons. Also it is used in cases where insufficient amount of energy is available for heat treatment process.

Temporary furnace is always designed and implemented to meet customer needs!

Special Heat Treatment Services

We also offer special heat treatment services, such as:

  • Different shrink fittings
  • Defrosting of frozen pipes
  • Frost protection systems in the mining industry
  • In-situ crankshaft and diesel engine annealing and special services